Solidarity Not Charity: Pledge to Stimulate Economic Transformation

We're in a unique situation where millions of people will soon get or have already gotten $1,200 that they weren't expecting to receive. In this time of crisis, there is now a movement to redistribute stimulus checks as a demonstration of mutual support and solidarity.

As our friends at the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative have put it, "[t]he steps we take now will lay the foundation for what comes next. We need to imagine different ways of doing business that work for the community!"

We've created a series of gifs to illustrate why we need to stimulate the solidarity economy. Meet the ghosts of economy past, economy present, and economy future below. And make a pledge today!

Animation series by Robin Bean Crane

Pledge Drive

Here's what you can do!

Step 1: Pledge to share your check with the solidarity economy by filling out the form at the bottom of this page!

Step 2: Choose a cooperative below to support! You can find a list of cooperatives needing support here, or below: 

  1. Use your check to shop at cooperatives such as Mandela Grocery Cooperative, Alchemy's Coffee Subscription, Feed Sonoma, and Arizmendi Bakery! And if your favorite coop is currently closed, you can still support by buying a gift card!

  2. Invest in your community! Investment opportunities* that we know of include People Power Solar Cooperative, East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative, and Alchemy Collective Cafe! * Note: Only California residents can invest in these cooperatives. We are not investment advisors! Each person needs to evaluate whether a particular investment is a good fit.

  3. Donate to organizations that are focused on transforming the economy such as the Community Democracy Project, Sogorea Te Land Trust, Boston Ujima Project, The Working World's Seed CommonsNew Economy Coalition, United States Federation of Worker CooperativesNetwork of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives, Agrarian TrustCooperation Humboldt, Repaired Nations, California Farmlink; and/or

  4. Donate to mutual aid funds such as Prospera's Entrepreneur Resiliency Fund, Disability Justice Culture Club, TeamWorks Institute's COVID-19 Solidarity Development Fund, Undocufund, Community Ready Corps, and Mandela Grocery's Karma Jar

That's it!

Take the pledge and share how you are stimulating the next economy by spreading the word on social media! 

P.S. Want to see your cooperative in the list above? Just email [email protected] with your cooperative and a description of your call to action!

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    I'm pledging my stimulus check to stimulate the solidarity economy. #SolidarityNotCharity
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