Planting Seeds for #PeoplePoweredEconomies

In the 8 months since we launched the Save Seed Sharing campaign, we've made incredible progress in protecting people's rights to share seeds! Will you support us in continuing to cultivate this work and People Powered Economies?!       


Join us in creating #PeoplePoweredEconomies by becoming a SELC Community Member with a monthly $10 contribution. For the price of a movie ticket, you can join the growing community of change-makers working to transform our current economy into the #PeoplePoweredEconomy of the future!

Here's a list of some of our recent achievements:
  • SELC drafted and introduced three pieces of legislation exempting seed libraries from burdensome state seed laws

  • Four city councils have adopted resolutions supporting seed sharing and advocating for changes to state laws

  • Over 17,500 people have signed the Save Seed Sharing petition calling on state regulators to support seed libraries!

One thing is clear though - there is a lot more to do to transform our food system into one that promotes sustainability, justice, and resilience. And it will take #PeoplePower to do it!
neil.JPGNot only is our work impossible without your support, but we also deeply appreciate the partnerships with organizations like Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library, who has helped organize a national community of seed libraries to advocate on behalf of the Save Seed Sharing campaign.

To recognize our interdependence with allies like Richmond Grows, SELC will be sharing 25% of all donations made TODAY with Richmond Grows to support their mission "to increase the capacity of the Richmond community to feed itself wholesome food by being an accessible and free source of locally adapted plant seeds, supplied and cultivated by and for Richmond area residents."

Thanks to our Partners and Collaborators: