October 2023 Newsletter: Wisdom of the (Organizational) Body

October 2023 Newsletter

As you read this newsletter, Law Center staff and a few of their children and co-parents are enjoying our bi-annual all staff retreat. Since we work almost entirely remotely, we’ve made a commitment to retreat twice a year. We head to a beautiful place and unplug because we know nothing beats joining together as bodies in space to reconnect, recommit to each other and the work, and express gratitude for each other.

This year we’re diving deep into the luxury of bodily wisdom. We’re working with a Generative Somatics facilitator, Donaji Lona, who’ll guide our collective body through exercises and activities meant to support “individual, community, and collective liberation through working to embody transformation. Have you ever walked into a room and felt the buzzy collective energy of all the people? When everyone sits in a circle, facing one another after months apart, the vibe is palpable. This time around, we’ll be welcoming 4 new staff members into the organizational body. 

Looking around at the ever changing configuration of our team, we can find ourselves asking: Where do I fit in this group? Do we value the same things? We’re curious and excited to encounter the wisdom of our individual bodies and how our individual needs and desires might impact the organizational body.

Being part of a worker self-directed nonprofit often requires a person to walk the fine line between sharing stewardship responsibilities with coworkers while maintaining capacity for personally meaningful projects. This tension highlights the push and pull of being an individual within a collective body. We have the power as a WSDN to set priorities as a collective, but it requires trust and clear communication — two things that we’ll be investing time and energy into this week! Since we’ll be focusing on this important time together all week long, we’ll respond to emails when we return. Thanks for your understanding!

Welcome Ari, Mohit, & Tibu!
Link to Law Center Team Page

The Law Center team is growing! We’re proud and excited that these three folks have been long-time collaborators, but are now joining the team as fellows and as a legal apprentice/intern. Check out Ari, Mohit, and Tibu's bios to learn more about their work.

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