FREE Webinar: In an Eggshell: Rolling Over your Retirement Savings

If your goal is to maximize your control of your retirement savings, it’s often necessary to combine multiple retirement savings accounts into one. In this 20 minute workshop (followed by 10 minutes of discussion), we’ll share what we’ve learned about rollovers: what kinds of accounts can be rolled over into others, when, and how? We’ll hone in on a few examples of Next Egg community members who did rollovers and share what steps were involved.


The Next Egg creates resources, builds communities, and shares tools necessary so that millions of us can move our retirement savings out of Wall Street and into our local communities. These tools include self-directed IRAs, solo 401ks, and employer retirement plans. Join us
October 16, 2020 at 9am - 9:30am PDT
Valeriya Epshteyn ·

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