Next Legal


Why Next Legal?

We have reached a critical moment in history, and lawyers are needed, en masse, to aid in the epic reinvention of economic systems throughout the world. Every single community needs legal practitioners who can assist in establishing the cooperatives, land trusts, enterprises, and organizations that will create locally-owned and sustainable sources of food, healthcare, energy, housing, transportation, and jobs.

What is this Network?

The Next Legal network will serve as an online community for those lawyers, legal workers, law students, and legal apprentices. Members will be able to connect, learn, share resources, grow their visibility, and strengthen the legal foundations of the next economy. Add your email to the form below to receive your invitation!

Members Learn, Share, and Grow their Network.

Start and join forum discussions, network with other professionals, grow your visibility through our legal practitioner directory, and receive discounts on everything from workshops and webinars to live events and CLEs.

Be a Founding Member.

Next Legal is in Beta mode. Enter your email in the form below to receive an invitation when we launch the final product. Anyone who joins the network within the first month of public launch will receive a free first year membership!

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