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Starting May 1, 2022, the Sustainable Economies Law Center is hosting a month of events for transactional lawyers, immigrant rights organizers, social justice organizations, law students, legal apprentices, community members, and activists who are interested in imagining what this world could feel like if the organizing principle is mutuality. What does it look like to practice mutuality in every aspect of our lives? Let's practice it together.

Mutual aid exploded during the pandemic and in addition to re-distributing food and funds, it put a hot spotlight on importance of building relationships  and nurturing reciprocity as ongoing practices for resilience in communities. Mutuality takes many forms.  We can be intentional with what leadership qualities we promote within groups to support collaboration. As settlers or guests on this land, we can learn from indigenous people how to live in right-relationship with the land. Legal professionals can  lead with the values of Nurturance Lawyering. These are just a few practices we're excited to uplift during #MutualityMonth and so much more. From the rise of mutual aid to post-pandemic living and practicing mutuality - that's what #MutualityMonth is all about!

Will you donate in reciprocity?


Mutuality Month events calendar

May 11th
☑️ From Mutual Aid to Mutuality: Surviving Capitalism with Radical Care

May 12th
☑️ Nurturance Lawyering Pt. 1: How to bring connection and healing to our work in challenging times MCLE

May 17th
☑️ Nurturance Lawyering Pt. 2: Legal ethics in an interdependent world MCLE

May 24th
☑️ Nurturance Lawyering Pt. 3: The legal profession is a white supremacist institution. What can we do about it? MCLE

May 26th
☑️ #MutualityMonth Happy Hour @ Temescal Brewing Company!



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