#PeoplePoweredEconomies: It's time to change the rules!

When we started the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) almost seven years ago, it was inspired by the vision that communities everywhere should create and control the resources and relationships they need to live well. We've traveled a long way toward that vision since then, but wealth inequality, housing insecurity, and climate change certainly haven't gone away. It's time to change the rules. It's time for a People Powered Economy!


$30k in 30 days - that's our goal this May. Will you join us?

Our Idea of People-Powered Economies

By joining us this May, you won't only be supporting the innovative and tireless work that SELC does to create more just and resilient economies. That's because 10% of everything we raisethis month will support the incredible work of Cooperation Richmond and Planting Justice, two of our partners creating #PeoplePoweredEconomies in some of the most marginalized and resilient communities around. Learn more about our #PeoplePoweredEconomies campaign here


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Want your support to have an even deeper impact? Become a member with a monthly donation and the Fund 4 Democratic Communities will match your support with $100! The time is now - join us today! 

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