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Happy Spring, SELC supporters! We’ve been busy preparing the soil of a new legal landscape that supports community resilience. Will you help us sow seeds of resilience this spring?

It's SELC's Spring Membership Campaign!

Help us legalize sharing and grow the movement for more just and resilient economies - join our Community TODAY by becoming a SELC Community Member!


Help Us Reach Our Goal: 224 New Community Members

Like a community-supported farm, SELC thrives when our community invests in our work -  whether that is an investment of time or money. That’s why we are excited to launch our new Community Membership Campaign! By becoming a SELC Founding Member, you can turn our advocacy campaigns into new laws, grow our community of passionate new economy advocates, and get special discounts and invitations to future SELC events and workshops!

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Why are we inviting 224 new members? That's how many clients SELC has provided legal advice to at the Resilient Communities Legal Cafe in just over a year! By becoming a member today, you are paying for a future client who needs legal support to launch a project that builds local resilience and economic justice.

It's people-power that is growing this movement, from the halls of the California State Legislature to the fields of the Central Valley!

Join us TODAY and grow the movement for more just and resilient economies!

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