Mohit Mookim bannerMohit Mookim (he/him) started volunteering for the Law Center in January 2021 as part of Law Students 4 Radical Real Estate. He was quickly hooked on solidarity economy work, seeing it as a way to practice movement lawyering as part of an abolitionist project.

Mohit has lived in the Bay Area (unceded Ohlone land) for almost seven years, and is currently a rising second-year student at Stanford Law School. He is grateful to be part of the Law Center community as a counterbalance to the stiffness and drudgery of law school. Previously, he studied and wrote about philanthropy and democracy with his favorite political philosophy professor from college. During his summer internship, Mohit has continued to learn about securities law, foundation law, and retirement accounts as a way for cooperatives to raise capital. In addition to unexpectedly being interested in these finance-related topics, Mohit is passionate about issues of land and housing—working at the Law Center with a real estate cooperative, housing cooperative conversion, and municipal housing law for the Oakland General Plan.

Mohit grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey (unceded Lenape land), and looks forward to doing SELC-style work in Northern New Jersey after law school. He is also a member of Law for Black Lives, the National Lawyers Guild, and Resource Generation. 

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