Susintable Economies Law Center Fall Celebration

Thank you for joining us at our annual Fall Celebration and showcase! Complete your RSVP by entering your payment info below. See you on the 19th!

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Who's donating

Lillian Chen
Eric Leenson
Michael Levitin
Joseph Elliott
Terrence Daniels
Bryan Springmeyer
Ronald Patiro
Alexandra Stone
David Jaber
Matthew Read
Ryan Andreola
Travis Close
Casey Williams
Michael Roberts
Yonatan Yoni Landau
Chelsea Rustrum
Linda Alvarez
Raul Arroyo-Mendoza
Zack Marker
kareem shihab
Laura Gonzalez
Lillian Chen
Linnea Svahn-Jaccoma
Michelle Iorio
Jeremiah Tittle
Michael Borucke
Mili Desai
Bryan Springmeyer
Demarris Evans
Emily Bolt

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