Embodied Divestment Series

In February 2024, the Law Center co-hosted a two-part event series focused on Embodied Divestment for a Ceasefire. Our co-host Art.coop offered somatic practices, Rad Planners offered insights into the financial planning industry, and the Law Center offered legal-political analysis. Together, we strengthened divestment muscles with the Resource Generation base (a network of young people with access to wealth privilege).

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The wealth defense industry will tell you to ensure your corpus—the principal of your investments—keeps growing no matter what, but our literal corpus, our body, tells us otherwise as we witness unrelenting death and suffering on our newsfeeds. This two-part workshop series pairs divestment tools with somatic and creative practices. We focus on the D part of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement—removing investments from the corporations that are funding genocide in Palestine. We also consider divestment from militarism, war, and occupations more holistically, learning how to use tools like AFSC's Investigate resource.

Series Recap:

- This series addressed folks with access to investments they want to move. We discussed common blocks like, “I don’t think divestment will have any effect,” “I don’t want to look at where my money is sitting and what it is funding,” “I don't know how I would go about divesting” and other barriers disempowering people from taking action in alignment with their values.

- We created a somatic point of reference to return to—a felt sense of how good alignment can feel—sustaining action as we move towards divestment personally and collectively. This practice is captured in our “Divestment Dance” description.

- Session 1 included a body mapping exercise, short history on Wall Street and divestment campaigns, breakout rooms focused on different types of barriers to divestment. Check out Session 1 slides.

- Session 2 included somatic groundings, a cultural offering, storytelling from community members who are on divestment journeys, and an explainer on the nuts-and-bolts of divesting. Here is the Session 2 recording.

Below, we ask series participants for sliding scale contributions to compensate movement organizations and guest artists for their time and efforts in putting this series together.

We are asking for $10 to $150 depending on your income and access to wealth (see Resource Generation's Class Distinctions resource).

  • $10 may be appropriate if you have no excess wealth or income, and no access to inherited wealth
  • $150 may be appropriate if you are High Net Worth

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