Community Control Planning Hour

The Movement for Black Lives has called for a Week of Action and they designated this Thursday as a day for Community Control!

Join us to plan Community Control:
- of the Oakland city budget (The Community Democracy Project (Oakland))
- of real estate (East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative, Sustainable Economies Law Center's Legal Cafe)
- of healthcare (PEOPLE'S COMMUNITY MEDICS (Each One, Teach One)
- of the workplace (Repaired Nations / Alchemy Collective)
And Black community control IN DEFENSE OF BLACK LIVES (Malcolm X Grassroots Movement)

Zoom Registration Required:

[Image Description: Image of M4BL's Week of Action In Defense of Black Lives Highlighting "Thursday: We Demand Community Control" next to the words "Community Control Planning Hour. Thursday. June 4th. Zoom. 6PM-7PM PDT. Join us to plan community control of the Oakland budget, of real estate, of healthcare, and of the workplace. And Black community control IN DEFENSE OF BLACK LIVES. Co-hosted by: images of logos of the Community Democracy Project, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, People's Community Medics, Repaired Nations, Alchemy Collective Cafe, EB PREC, and Sustainable Economies Law Center's Legal Cafe]

June 04, 2020 at 6:00pm - 7pm PDT
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Thanks to our Partners and Collaborators: