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Donate below to view this video (recorded at the 2019 Social Enterprise Law Seminar) presented by Chris Tittle (Law Center) and Noni Session (East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative). We will e-mail you a link to the CLE video and instructions on how to obtain California participatory CLE credit. 

Speakers: Chris Tittle, Sustainable Economies Law Center, & Noni Session, East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative

“The rent is too damn high!” exclaim tenants everywhere. This session will explore some of the underlying drivers of mass displacement and gentrification, and discuss legal and organizing models for community-controlled and permanently affordable housing. We will cover the legal nuts and bolts of existing models for community-controlled housing, including community land trusts and limited equity housing cooperatives, as well as an emerging model of community ownership, the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative.

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