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Donate below to view this video (recorded at the 2019 Social Enterprise Law Seminar) presented by Jesse Finfrock, Morrison & Foerster & Shirley Mclaughlin, Adler & Colvin. We will e-mail you a link to the CLE video and instructions on how to obtain California participatory CLE credit. 

In this two-part session, participants will learn the basics of impact investing before taking a deeper dive into the world of crowdfunding. To start, Jesse will discuss the myriad flavors of impact investing, important issues attorneys should consider when advising investors or entrepreneurs with respect to impact terms, the trends for tracking and reporting impact, and where we are headed in the impact investing landscape. Shirley will then discuss the latest legislative developments in the crowdfunding space. Although crowdfunding is not new, legislators and regulators seem to just now be catching up to the potential legal ramifications of this particular kind of online fundraising, and are beginning to wrestle with who, what, and how to regulate in this space. Learn about the legal issues, primarily related to charitable crowdfunding, online platforms and payment processors, the use of donor-advised funds, commercial co-ventures, and the newest developments in the California legislative landscape, where we tend to lead aggressively in this area. Come prepared to discuss your own ideas about sensible rulemaking and the impact on social enterprise in crowdfunding.

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