A Server, or non-advising volunteer, at the Legal Cafe is a volunteer who does intake for clients, observes the legal consultations, and actively takes part in the operations of the Legal Cafe.

  • "Servers" are the first point of contact for clients coming into the Legal Cafe. Servers take part in the intake process and are paired with an experienced Legal Cafe volunteer to issue spot the client’s needs and refine the scope of service that the client might be searching for. Servers can also go between the different consultations happening at the Legal Cafe. This allows them to learn about the full breadth of knowledge that our "Chefs," or SELC's experienced advising attorney volunteers, provide.
  • Servers can be law students, legal professionals, and community members interested in using law as a tool for social and economic justice.
  • SELC recognizes that Servers also come with their own set of skills and we encourage them to facilitate Teach-ins at the Legal Cafe. If you are knowledgeable in a particular legal or social justice area, we welcome Servers to coordinate a Teach-in with the "Host," Legal Cafe Coordinator.

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