Feb 26th: Berkeley City Council Slated to Discuss Worker Cooperative Development Programs

WHEN: Tuesday, February 26, 2019. Arrive at 5:40pm at the latest so that we can take a group photo beforehand.

WHERE: Berkeley School District Board Room (1231 Addison St, Berkeley). This is a 13 minute walk from North Berkeley BART Station.

WHAT: At this City Council meeting, Berkeley will take a major step toward supporting local worker cooperative development. The economic development department will present their strategies for cultivating a strong local cooperative business sector, including making the City's Small Business Revolving Loan Fund more accessible to worker cooperatives, providing biz dev support to worker coops, and helping retiring business owners to sell their enterprise to workers. 

HOW: We need YOU to join us! In order to ensure that the City makes clear and bold commitments to worker coops, we must demonstrate strong public support for our vision. RSVP below to receive important details and announcements about the event. Join dozens of other worker coop members and advocates in demanding an economy that puts people and planet before profits. Please wear the color green to show solidarity!

We've done it before. We can do it again! Pushing policies that promote worker cooperatives!

Many thanks to Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin and the Office of Economic Development staff for their leadership, and thanks to our partners in cooperation, Project Equity, the Democracy at Work Institute, the Network of Bay Area Worker Coops (NoBAWC), and the US Federation of Worker Coops. And to all those worker coop members, advocates, and friends who have been so committed to shaping and advancing this effort over the years - thank you. 


February 26, 2019 at 5:40pm - 9pm
Berkeley School District Board Room
1231 Addison St
Berkeley, CA 94704
United States
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    We need you to join @theselc, @Institute_coop, @usfwc, & coop advocates at #Berkeley city council to celebrate the impact of worker coops & demonstrate widespread support for the first ordinance supporting worker #coops in #California! RSVP for updates! https://www.theselc.org/berkeley_worker_coop_meeting_feb?recruiter_id=34546
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    We need you to join @theselc, @Institute_coop, @usfwc, & coop advocates at #Berkeley city council to celebrate the impact of worker coops & demonstrate widespread support for the first ordinance supporting worker #coops in #California! RSVP for updates! https://www.theselc.org/berkeley_worker_coop_hearing?recruiter_id=27755
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    We need you to join @theselc, @Institute_coop, @usfwc, & coop advocates at #Berkeley City Council to celebrate the impact of worker coops & demonstrate widespread public support for programs supporting worker #coops! RSVP for updates! https://www.theselc.org/berkeley_worker_coop_hearing?recruiter_id=4
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