2019 Solidarity Economy Tour

Prospera and the Sustainable Economies Law CenterOn July 29th, 2019, Sustainable Economies Law Center's Summer interns and a few staff embarked on our annual Solidarity Economies Tour! The Solidarity Economies Tour is a one day adventure where Summer interns of the Law Center visit cooperatives, land trusts, urban farms, and other spaces in the Bay Area that are the seeds of an economy we are trying to cultivate through our work; an economy built community resilience and grassroots economic empowerment.

The Solidarity Economies Tour is the culmination of a structured, learner-centered curriculum that deepens interns knowledge of the intersection of economic justice, transactional law, and generative responses to systems of marginalization and oppression, including:

  • Cooperative Law & Cooperative Principles;

  • Race, Class, and Economic Democracy;

  • Cooperative History, Theory, and Practice;

  • Gentrification, Displacement, and Equitable Development;

  • Capitalism and the Sharing Economy: Economic Systems in Principle and Impact;

  • Grassroots Finance: Democratizing Capital towards Community Stewardship;

  • Realizing the Green New Deal: Decarbonizing Our Economy through Cooperative Energy Alternatives

During our tour, we visited Propsera, Airzmendi Lakeshore, the Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives, Concerned Capital, Concerned Counsel, Phat Beets, and the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperatives's 789 Cooperative. See a few photos below from our Instagram or see all of our Solidarity Economies Tour photos here on our flickr page here: flickr.com/photos/theselc/albums/72157710040205412/

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