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California: Do Not Make an Uber Mistake with Homemade Food!

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More Background

In February 2017, a bill was introduced in the California legislature to expand the types of homemade foods allowed to be sold in California, especially hot meals. The bill, AB 626, was introduced by Assemblymembers Eduardo Garcia and Joaquin Arambula, however, the bill is still in “spot bill” form, meaning that the full details are not yet written in the public record. The current bill just paints a picture in broad brushstrokes of what the two Assemblymembers seek to achieve. Nevertheless, this is an exciting and potentially groundbreaking legislation! However, after much deliberation and meetings with stakeholders around the state, we’ve decided that we will only support further homemade food legislation if it ensures some form of community ownership of any web platforms intermediating the sale of homemade foods.

Current California Law: For information about the current law, the California Homemade Food Act, (aka "cottage food" law) and legal information on how to start a home-based food business now, click here.

Our Policy Proposal: Click here to read a general overview of the issues and our ideas.

Click here to download our summary proposal (3 page pdf).

Click here to download our full policy proposal (6 page pdf).

 Blogs: Our Food News Blog posts about changing the law around homemade food in California:


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