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Sustainer Circle

Sustainable Economies Law Center Sustainers make an indispensable $500 yearly contribution to our programs. To show our appreciation, members receive invitations to special Sustainer happy hours and networking events, free or discounted admission to our workshops and webinars, acknowledgment on the Center’s homepage, and more! To join, please donate here or contact us with questions.

Sustainable Economies Law Center thanks the following Sustainers for their generous support!

SPZ Law Firm

Kustov & Associates, Inc., Certified Public Accountants

Han and De Leon, Attorneys at Law

Opterra Law

Donahue Gallagher Woods LLP  

Cohousing California

Lisa Gansky

Claiborne Deming Jr

Linda Alvarez, Attorney

Catherine Stephens

Bolt Keenley, Attorneys at Law

Tammera Wells

Cameron Holland, Attorney

Stacey Sullivan

Charity Kenyon & Mike Eaton

Jackie and Tom Orsi

Jennifer Orthwein

Carolyn North

Springmeyer Law

Rachel Dodson

Laurel Kilgour

Chaffin Luhana, LLP

Linda Barrera 

Nancy Chen Ray

Josephine Kim

Frederick Hertz


Kishan Thapar

Casey Williams

Community Members

We are also supported by hundreds of humble yet indispensable donations every year. Community Members make a monthly contribution to sustain our work for as little as $5 month. It's like a CSA for more resilient communities! Find out more about joining our growing community of supporters here. Apologies if you are a Community Member and you're not listed below - our community has grown so much in 2016 that we're struggling to keep this list updated! You are definitely seen and appreciated though!  

J Kim Wright

Hasmik Geghamyan

Gopal Dayaneni

Maura Prendiville

Aaron Lehmer-Chang

Christen Lee

Jenny Shore

Tom and Jackie Orsi

Alyssa Ravasio

Anne Shaver

Angela Harris

Claudia Vieira

Emily Doskow

Emily Bolt

Gavin Raders

Hank Herrera

Janet Tom

Carmen Figueroa

Linda Alvarez

Nicholas Barry

Sally Sommer

Sara Farooqi

Saundra Hodges

Sushil Jacob

Marco Vangelisti

Alex Stone

Tony Lai

Linda Ardakani

Richa Pokhrel

Diane Keith

Joshua Hurni

Wesley Roe

Megan Amaral

Rebecca Cariati

Laurel Kilgour

Jennifer Levin

Chris Schildt

Stacey Sullivan

Alissa Van Nort

Faye Cox

Robert Mauger

Steven Lybeck

Camille Kerr

Caroline Lee

Susan Park

Roger Studley

Thomas Meister

Eitan Fenson

Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar

Shilpa Jain

Catherine Butler

Megan Svoboda

Gene Homicki

Jack Sawyer

Michael Borucke

Reid Elkus

LIsa Gansky

Claiborne Deming Jr

Jeri Jones

Kateryna Rakowsky

Christine Allamanno

Apurwa Pokhrel

Kathleen Kenney

Keshab Pokhrel

Kristin Scheel

Maya Wolf

Rebecca Schonberg

Thomas Atwood

Leander Bindewald

Krishna Desai

Christopher Curran

Amanda Gordon

Sarah Kaplan

Natalia Thurston

Rani Croager

Raines Cohen

Loni Gray

Daniel Goldman

Chris Cohen

Anthony Nahas

Wesley Lee

Toby Grytafey

Brian Streiffer

Amanda McMurrey

Peter Barnes

Cynthia Price

Anne McShiras

Rachel McKlveen

Morgan Sanders

Tina Noble

Felipe Witchger

Nancy Moore

Jonathan Deng

Michelle Greenwood

Jackson Koeppel

Sam Willsea

Brian Hicks

Brian Tsuchiya

Hanni Hanson

Ricardo Nunez

Julio Rios

Rob Yanagida

Danny Spitzberg

Denise Barrett

Jane Cavanaugh

Gina Sarti

Allison Basile

Kareem Shihab

Jenny Loda

Edgar Cahn



Supporting Foundations and Organizations

We thank the following organizations and foundations for their current or past support:

The 11th Hour Project

The San Francisco Foundation

Kailo Fund


V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation

The Christine H. Russell Fund of Columbia Foundation

Orchard House Foundation

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative

Left Tilt Fund

University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (UC SAREP)

RSF Social Finance

Northern California Grassroots Environmental Fund of the Rose Foundation

Elias Foundation

Firedoll Foundation

Appleby Foundation

Schecter Family Foundation

War Taxes Redirected by the People’s Life Fund

Gaia Fund

Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation

Clif Bar Family Foundation

Eaton Kenyon Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Community Foundation for San Benito County

Friedman Family Foundation

Threshold Foundation Food and Farming Funding Circle


Skadden Fellowship Foundation

Borchard Foundation

Y&H Soda Foundation

van Löben Sels/RembeRock Foundation

The Christensen Fund

Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory

Sidney Stern Memorial Trust

Full Circle Fund

The Cooperative Foundation

Moxie Foundation


Event Sponsors

Much gratitude to the following institutions for underwriting our annual fall celebration and new economy showcase!

11th Hour Project

Arizmendi Assocation of Cooperatives

Beneficial State Foundation

Thanks to our Partners and Collaborators: