Cooperatives Projects & Resources

Legal Resource Library is Sustainable Economies Law Center's legal resource library for cooperatives. In partnership with the Green Collar Communities Clinic (GC3), we continually add information to this collection of resources and sample legal documents for housing, producer, consumer, and worker co-ops.

Worker Coop Academy

SELC, Project Equity, and GC3: Creating a blueprint for a cooperative economy.

The Sustainable Economies Law Center is partnering with Project Equity, GC3, the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, and Laney College to create the Bay Area's first ever worker cooperative academy. You can find more information on what the Coop Academy is, how to apply, and more by clicking here

Now accepting applications to the 2015 Worker Coop Academy!

Workshops & Teach-ins

Educate and Empower!

SELC hosts teach-ins at the Resilient Communities Legal Cafe and half-day workshops focused on educating the public on cooperatives and advising existing coops on their development and operations. Please check SELC's calendar page for future teach-ins and workshops focused on cooperatives.

One example of our workshops focused on worker cooperatives is called Think Outside the Boss in English and El Proceso Legal Para Iniciar Tu Negocio Cooperativa en Español. Done in partnership with GC3, these workshops have been held in Richmond, East Oakland, San Leandro, West Oakland, Berkeley, and in Downtown Oakland, California. We hope to offer more opportunities for this type of education at least twice a year in English and once a year in Spanish. Check SELC's calendar page or contact SELC for more information.

If you'd like to host your own "Think Outside the Boss" workshop, please visit our "Learning to Think Outside the Boss" resources page. There, you will find guides, manuals, and slides to support you in providing your own introductory workshop into the nuts and bolts of starting a worker cooperative!

Below, one of SELC's many events educating community members on cooperatives: our Think Outside the Boss workshop! 

Legal Guides


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Co-created by The Sustainable Economies Law Center and the Green Collar Communities Clinic (a program of the East Bay Community Law Center)



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Would you like more info on the cooperatives program? Contact, SELC's Cooperatives program director.

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