Community Renewable Energy

We want to break barriers to the formation of community-owned renewable energy enterprises. We envision a world where cooperatives and other community enterprises are a catalyst for individuals to engage as planners, decision-makers, and owners of local and community-shared renewable energy generation.  



As society tackles climate change and builds alternatives to the fossil fuel industry, we have an opportunity to do so in a way that breaks cycles of growing income inequality, and builds resilient communities that generate their own clean energy.

To achieve our vision, the Sustainable Economies Law Center uses the following strategies to break down legal barriers and advance a just, equitable, and rapid transition to community-owned renewable energy:

  • Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy
  • Education and Communication
  • Legal Services
  • Coalition and Movement Building

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Want more information about our community renewable energy work? Visit the blog.


Information about our advocacy for shared renewable energy. 


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