Rethinking Home

We want to create a world where every person can live in economically sustainable homes without stressful financial burdens and without diminishing the housing and land resources available to others. We envision a world where solutions for the sharing of physical space, management, and financing of land help to ensure the availability of wonderful homes for everyone.

SELC’s Rethinking Home Program provides education, research, and advocacy to promote economically sustainable housing models.

Projects and Resources

SELC provides legal services for sustainable housing projects at our Resilient Communities Legal Cafe, an online legal resource library on land and housing issues, legal guides for co-owned housing, and case studies of sustainable housing models. 

SELC provides legal resources for sustainable housing, including themed teach-ins at our Resilient Communities Legal Cafe 


Policies and Advocacy

Policy Brief on Short-Term Rentals: In March 2015, SELC released a draft version of our City Policies for Short-Term Rentals brief, and we're seeking your feedback! Check out our policy brief and leave your feedback here.

Advocacy: SELC and several key partners successfully introduced and passed AB 569, a bill to facilitate cooperative housing development in California, especially the creation of Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives (LEHCs)! Click here to learn more.

News and Blog

The latest updates on SELC's advocacy work to create more sustainable and cooperative models of housing and land stewardship. Read our "Slow Homes Manifesto" here.

Why Are We “Rethinking Home”? 
All human beings need economically sustainable housing solutions.  However, the burden of housing ourselves is heavy and the predominant options are limiting. Throughout the world, landless people’s movements are vocalizing the essential unfairness of the fact that so many people must struggle to simply secure a place to physically exist, much less make a livelihood, on the planet. 

The struggle is not confined to the poor.  Middle-income people in the U.S. are floundering to determine how their current housing arrangements will be financially sustainable into the future.  The speculative marketplace drives many of society’s decisions about land and housing, and contributes to the scarcity of land resources. Land and housing resources have also been made artificially scarce because we have parceled them into ever larger and more expensive single-family boxes.  SELC is “rethinking home,” because we want to challenge and change many of the predominant models for housing ourselves, and create more cooperative and just alternatives.

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    That’s essential for one’s health to live in a healthy environment and healthy environment implements not only ecological and medical aspects but financial as well. The project is amazing and participation in it is truly advantageous to create your own economically sustainable housing model. I guess there is a need to spread the information on this project more effectively as well as educate citizens. I am a nurse student and do know a value in a good education and good mood for emotional health. Interestingly, how you are stressed at first when applying to some university, completing admission papers, reading materials to get prepared like and then after a few years you are taught how to deal with stress but you are still nervous at some exams.