Community Energy Education and Resources

Mapping the Regulatory Terrain

Developing a community energy project turns out to be quite the puzzle because our current legal system favors centralized and for-profit ownership of energy infrastructure by the wealthiest sectors of society. So we are mapping the legal and regulatory landscape to help communities navigate building community projects.

The Sustainable Economies Law Center's expert panelists discuss the legal barriers, policy opportunities, and steps to creating a new energy future. Click here to watch the webinar.



Piecing Together the Community Energy Puzzle

Subin Varghese, Director of Community Renewable Energy, explains how Sustainable Economies Law Center is piecing together the puzzle of community ownership in the energy sector. 

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Current Work:

☀ Profiling legal frameworks for energy ownership, governance, and financing

☀ Creating a lexicon of legal models for community renewable energy


Future Resources: 

☀ Drafting model legal documents for communities

☀ Creating cartoons and videos about community energy models

☀ Publishing Plain-English legal guides










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