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Next, we need you to call your State Senator about AB 2561, the Neighborhood Food Act!

Here's what to do this week:

1) Find out who your State Senator is here. Find their phone number on their website.

2) Call your State Senator to urge them to support AB 2561, the Neighborhood Food Act. The most important things to say are your name, where you are from and that you are calling to request that the State Senator support AB 2561. You can use the phone script below if you feel more comfortable using a script:

Hi my name is ____________, 

I am a [state all that apply to you: renter, gardener, homeowner, member of any relevant community group] and I wish for the State Legislature to pass AB 2561, the Neighborhood Food Act.

Assemblymember Steven Bradford introduced the California Neighborhood Food Act, AB 2561, to increase access to fresh food throughout California. Many Californians NEED more access to fresh food. What better way than to grow it on our own. As a California resident seeking increased access to fresh, local food, I'm calling to urge the legislature to pass AB 2561. Thank you!

3) Fax a letter of support to your State Senator's office using this template letter (you can find their Capitol office fax number on their website).

4) Are you a tenant? Have you had any conflict with your landlord regarding growing food on your rental property? We are collecting personal stories to share with legislators and we'd love to hear yours in as much or as little detail as you are willing to provide! Please email with your story or to let us know a time you are available for a brief phone interview.

5) Are you on facebook? How about twitter? Find your State Senator on social media and tell them this:  [@your State Senator's twitter handle] Please support #AB2561, the Neighborhood Food Act #BradfordGardens

6) Pass this message along to other Californians you know who support the right to grow food!

The purposes of the California Neighborhood Food Act are to:

1) Increase access to fresh, local produce for all Californians regardless of location and socioeconomic limitations;

2) Efficiently use water and land by prioritizing food cultivation over lawns and other ornamental plants; and

3) Allow tenants to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for personal consumption on their rental property.

The Sustainable Economies Law Center is partnering with the Social Justice Learning Institute, Slow Food California and Ubuntu Green to pass AB 2561, the California Neighborhood Food Act, through the State Legislature. Our bill is supported by many other organizations and enterprises as well.

Read about the latest updates to the bill on our food news blog. We also send out regular updates to anyone who signs the petition below.



Tenants' rights: 

The bill would require that tenants of single family homes and duplexes have the right to grow produce on the rental property as long as it does not create trip-and-fall risks or other hazards. It allows the landlord to require an additional security deposit to cover for costs associated with restoring landscaping to its original state after the tenant moves out if the tenant does not restore it. A note on the latest amendments to this section.

Homeowners' Association member rights: 

The bill would make it illegal for a homeowners’ association contract to prohibit or unreasonably restrict the use of private (not shared) property for growing produce and having occasional on-site sales.


Full Bill Language

You can look up all the latest info on the bill, including the latest version of the actual language at the State Legislature's website.

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First, sign the petition, then email if you have time to actively contribute on a weekly or monthly basis between now and August. If you have stories about barriers to urban agriculture that you or people in your community have faced, please email about it!

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