We want to live in a world where the food we eat is produced locally and/or by small-scale, sustainable, community-owned enterprises. We also want to see many more opportunities for people to create rewarding livelihoods working in the production of food.

SELC’s Food Program provides education, research, and advocacy to create food systems built around small-scale, community-based, sustainable enterprises.

About SELC's Food Program

Our food system is not well served by today’s predominant food business models, which incentivize growth, shareholder profit maximization, absentee ownership, and exploitation of resources. The ownership and governance structures of an enterprise largely determine the motivations that drive it. Large, centralized food producers are usually driven by financial bottom lines, to the detriment of more important ends: the survival and sustainability of our food system and the provision of sustainable livelihoods to people working in the food system. The cornerstone of SELC’s work on sustainable food production is the belief that food enterprises should be owned and/or controlled by the local communities that depend on them.

Food Policy Advocacy

Save Seed Sharing! Campaign

The Neighborhood Food Act

The California Homemade Food Act

Resources for Food Enterprises

Workshops, manuals, videos, and other resources:  SELC partners with the Green Collar Communities Clinic (at the East Bay Community Law Center) and Students for Economic and Environmental Justice to put on workshops about legal topics related to start-up food justice enterprises. Information about upcoming workshops can be found on our events page. See the Resources for Food Enterprises page for more.

Online Legal Resource Libraries: SELC curates several free online legal resource libraries that provides legal information, best practices, and supporting tools for food and farm enterprises, including and

Legal Advice: SELC offers donation-based legal advice sessions for small-scale food enterprises and other community-based enterprises through our Resilient Communities Legal Cafe.

Food News

All the latest and greatest updates from SELC's Food Program!

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  • commented 2015-03-13 21:08:31 -0700 · Flag
    I would like to know if the legislation for the The Neighborhood Food Act and The California Homemade Food Act are still available to look at elsewhere. The links are down. Thank!
  • commented 2014-06-20 08:45:02 -0700
    Which cities have adopted policies that prioritize using city owned lots for local food growing? I’d like to learn more about these policies.