BuddyPress is a suite of plugins for WordPress that transforms into a fully functional social network platform.

When installed on WordPress Multisite it provides features that lets your members socially interact with each other within a multi-blogging platform environment.

It provides all the features that allow you to build a community on your network. BuddyPress enables you to build passionate users around a specific niche.

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Installing BuddyPress is as simple as:

  1.  Install the version of WordPress or WordPress Multisite or greater as specified on BuddyPress Requirements page.
  2.  Install BuddyPresssame as you would install any plugin.
  3.  Log into your install and go to Plugins to activate your BuddyPress plugin.
  4.  Activate BuddyPress Default theme, or another BuddyPress theme, on your blog running BuddyPress

Please Note

  • You network activate BuddyPress in Plugins > Installed Plugins in the network admin dashboard on WordPress Multisite.
  • When using WordPress MultiSite the BuddyPress plugin only runs on one site on your network which is normally your main site i.e. you activate the BuddyPress theme on your main site.

What’s Included In BuddyPress

BuddyPress is made up of a series of plugins.

Each plugin is used to add a different social feature to your site, and all work independently of each other, so you can choose to use all of them or just use specific plugins to add the desirable features to your site.

The plugins are:

  • Extended Profiles: Allows you to create extra profile files that can be filled out by your members
  • Private Messaging: Allows members to contact each other directly
  • Friends: Members can use this to create friends list like they do on sites like Facebook and Ning
  • Groups: Allows members to create groups where they can share info on topic areas that interest them.
  • Activity Stream: Logs any activity for any member, as well as site wide activity of all members, across the entire network.  Its a bit like Recent Activities in Facebook and Latest Activity on Ning.
  • Blog Tracking:  Tracks sites across the entire network including recently created sites, latest posts and latest comments.
  • Forums: Allows groups to create and manage their own forums, using a bbPress install.