Teach-In: How to Choose Between a Coop or a Nonprofit for your Rad Real Estate Project / Enseñanza sobre cómo elegir entre una cooperativa o una organización sin fines de lucro para su proyecto radical de bienes raíces

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This event is for groups looking to own land, practice horizontal governance, and promote social good, and wondering what is the best legal vehicle to do so. We’ll first give a brief overview of different options, then talk about some pros and cons of 501(c)(3) tax exemption, the scope and limits of charitable purpose, and share a few examples of how different entity structures have played out in practice.

This event will happen online.

This event will be recorded and posted on the Law Center blog June 2023.


Este evento es para grupos que buscan poseer tierras, practicar la gobernanza horizontal y promover el bien social, y se preguntan cuál es el mejor vehículo legal para hacerlo. Primero daremos una breve descripción general de las diferentes opciones, luego hablaremos sobre algunos pros y contras de la exención de impuestos 501(c)(3), el alcance y los límites del propósito caritativo, y compartiremos algunos ejemplos de cómo han jugado diferentes estructuras de entidades. fuera en la práctica.

Este evento ocurrirá en línea.

Este evento se grabará y publicará en el blog del Law Center en junio de 2023.


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Erika Sato

Erika is a 2021 Equal Justice Works legal fellow sponsored by Baker McKenzie and Salesforce. Erika received their B.A. in International Relations from Pomona College and their J.D. from Harvard Law School, where they were an editor of the Harvard Law Review and active in the QTPOC affinity group community. Starting in September of 2023, they will transition to being a staff attorney at the Law Center.

Erika first became interested in practicing law in the solidarity economy while studying abroad in Fortaleza, Brazil. There, they visited Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) settlements and learned about collective land ownership, squatters’ rights, and collective decision making.

As an intern at the Law Center during the summer of 2020, Erika was inspired by communities all over the country coming together to meet their own needs and support each other through mutual aid. Through their fellowship project, they aim to help these COVID-response mutual aid groups grow into permanently organized communities that can collectively access resources and power and push for systemic change.

Today, Erika is passionate about mutual aid, economic justice, rematriation of land to Indigenous communities, collective control of resources, and making the law accessible to everyone. Erika lives in Chicago, and they are licensed to practice law in both California and Illinois. In their free time, Erika enjoys crafts, sewing, cooking, singing, hiking, and gardening in their community garden plot.

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Jay Cumberland

Jay believes political theory, social movement theory, and an international perspective must inform his work supporting housing cooperative conversions and worker cooperative conversions. These conversions are, after all, political exercises happening in social spaces around the globe. Learning about Cooperation Jackson in Jackson, Mississippi somewhat immediately propelled Jay into this work. He believes there’s a thick relationship between that introduction to cooperative economics and politics and the way he approaches his present work. Jay’s approach finds less excitement in creating things from scratch than in making existing things different. In a world without unoccupied political space, he believes it is not only exciting but also necessary to learn to travel through what exists to arrive at our imagined futures.  

Jay received a B.A. with a double major in Philosophy and Religion from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and a J.D. with a Social Justice and Public Interest Concentration from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. He misses intermittent and unexpected Mississippi thunderstorms but has grown to love the ever-steady cycle of fog and sun in the Bay. He loves working with his hands (typing doesn’t count). He comes by that honestly. His dad insisted he be equally good at stringing barbed-wire fences and at stringing together words. Hopefully that combination helps Jay play a role in creating a world, as the Zapatista’s say, in which many worlds exist.


Karl Miller close up shot. Karl stands in a city street, loking into the camera.

Karl Mill

Prior to founding Mill Law Center, Karl Mill was a partner at Adler & Colvin, a boutique law firm serving non-profits and their donors. Karl continues to advise a broad range of non-profit organizations, including everything from the most innovative start-ups to some of the largest, most established foundations and charities around the country.

Karl’s philosophy is to apply his years as a lawyer and educator to provide clear, actionable legal advice and support to non-profits. Karl’s areas of expertise include private foundations, public charities, impact investment, social enterprise, and charitable gift planning.

Karl graduated from Columbia Law School in 2013, and practiced trust, estate, and tax law for several years at DLA Piper.



May 25, 2023 at 10:00am - 11:30am PDT
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