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Collective Courage Book Club 2021

We honor the cultures whose ancestors relied on oral histories and education; comprehension and intelligence go deeper than Eurocentric Training. We tap into the organic intellectual streak present in communities often not included in Eurocentric, institutional learning environments. We bridge two spaces: (1) the natural learned expertise and expertise of underrepresented communities and (2) the bodies of literature they may otherwise not engage as sources of information. We cross the divide between education and soul activation. We translate solutions into a medium that is expertise, but is often overlooked because of value propositions. We gather to show people the power inherent in themselves, and facilitate community reflections that evidences greatness and deep knowledge.

We take away all borders to participation and use non judgmental,  non violent, constant communication. We uplift those who were shamed and disconnected from their opportunity to learn.  Everyone is always right for participating. We create psychological safety in our group settings through very intentional facilitated discussions.

We make information more accessible by distilling large bodies of text into micro-modular segments. We confirm the natural intuition of Black Communities through our micro-modular summaries and facilitate conversation to elicit learning rather than rote instruction. We facilitate the discovery of culturally relevant conclusions, solutions, and pathways to meaningful, structural change.

TIME - Mondays - Fridays from Noon - 12:30 on


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