Other Ways to Support Us

We Recognize that Support Goes Beyond Dollars

Dollars will always be scarce in some communities. That’s why we believe in creating relationships that build community and trust beyond money. Help us build community resilience by ”paying-it-forward” to Sustainable Economies Law Center's next client in need, “paying-it-forward” in your community, or using a local currency to support our work:

Pay for Sustainable Economies Law Center’s next Client:

We provide legal advice to the community trusting that our clients will help strengthen the Sharing Economy. In fact, individual donors drive our ability to provide these services to the community! That means that if you’ve received our services, someone else has paid for your legal advice! Contribute to our center and pay for the next Client who comes into the Legal Cafe.

Join the Bay Area Community Exchange Timebank and Pay-it-Forward:

Bay Area Community Exchange - regional timebankBACE acts like a local community bank. Instead of money, however, they keep track of time. Earn credits for helping in your community and use them to learn new skills or get help from others. With BACE, the currency is time and everyone’s time is equal. Participants of our Legal Cafe can “Pay-it-forward” by signing up to BACE and crediting our Center the time we provided you at the Legal Cafe!

Use Bay Bucks to pay for legal services

Bay BucksBay Bucks is "money designed for the New Economy" - as a Bay-Area business-to-business mutual credit system, Bay Bucks helps local businesses and professionals trade what they have for what they need without using cash. Become a member business and donate your Bay Bucks to the Law Center or pay us directly in Bay Bucks for our legal services.

Get Involved in our work:

The Sustainable Economies Law Center values the time, skills, and energy of our communities. Explore the different ways you can contribute to our work by visiting our Get Involved page. Let's further our mission, together.



Thanks to our Partners and Collaborators: