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Feature Profiles

  • Next City 8/20/13 – Raising a Nation of Lincolns: An Interview with Janelle Orsi, “The Sharing Lawyer”
  • Shareable 7/23/13 – Profiles in Sharing: Janelle Orsi – The Sharing Economy Lawyer
  • Huffington Post 6/26/2013 – Janelle Orsi named in “Top 10 Crusaders in the Food Movement — Lawyer Edition”
  • The Transcript Spring 2013 – Share and Share Alike: Janelle Orsi profiled in Boalt Law School’s alumni magazine (p. 28).
  • Shareable 2/5/13 - The Un-Law School: An Interview with Christina Oatfield



Unstuck Economies

Unstuck Economics: How Cooperatives and Community Enterprise Will Get Us Out of this Gigantic Mess, Transition U.S. Webinar, January 9, 2013.

Community-supported enterprise, cooperatives, local investing, social enterprise, local currencies, micro-enterprise, sharing…these all adds up to local, resilient economies, that much we know.  But it’s difficult, even SCARY, to picture how we’ll get there.  The more our economy falters, the more we feel stuck: Stuck in jobs we don’t like, stuck buying cheap unsustainable products, stuck patronizing the same huge corporations, stuck in traffic…How do we get from stuck economy to resilient economy? Janelle Orsi helps visualize some of the next critical steps and how a new sharing economy can actually work.

SELC Oregon Presentation Slide
Law and Sustainable Economies, Lewis & Clark Law School Presentation, October 8, 2012.
Janelle Orsi gives a cartoon-filled presentation to the Lewis & Clark Law School on how to utilize business, employment, property, and tax law to grow local, sustainable economies.








The_Sharing_Solution_Book_CoverTransitioning to A Sharing Economy Webinar, Based on Janelle Orsi’s Co-Authored Book: The Sharing Solution, May 3, 2011

Sharing is a key ingredient in the transition to a more sustainable world. Car sharing, shared housing, barter networks, gift circles, shared food gardens, meal sharing, community energy projects, cooperatives, community-supported enterprises – these are just some examples of ways that sharing is becoming an essential part of our economy and livelihoods. With the help of goofy cartoon slides, Janelle will discuss practical ideas and tools, ways of overcoming cultural, emotional, and legal barriers to sharing, and exciting new developments in the realm of sharing.


Economy Sandwich

Citylicious: A Movie About Growing Food in Cities

Janelle Orsi on Sharing Economies, Progressive Opportunities Conference, Feb 26, 2012


Think Outside the Boss Workshop Part 1, Richmond CA, Feb 23, 2012:

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