How to Start a PREC / Cómo iniciar una cooperativa inmobiliaria permanente

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Permarealestatecoopawha?! What’s a permanent real estate cooperative, and why are communities across the country turning to them as a way to democratize housing and fight displacement? Join us for conversation, storytelling, Q&A, and a discussion of our non-definitive guide to starting a PREC. We’ll discuss the key principles and considerations that have shaped the legal, financial, and governance structures of a PREC based on our 7 years of thinking about and working with the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative.

This event will happen online.

This event will be recorded and posted on the Law Center blog June 2023.

(Note that this is not a detailed nuts and bolts legal workshop – see our other upcoming workshop for more on that: How to Choose Between a Coop or a Nonprofit for your Rad Real Estate Project)

Cómo iniciar un PREC

Permarealestatecoopawha?! ¿Qué es una cooperativa inmobiliaria permanente y por qué las comunidades de todo el país recurren a ellas como una forma de democratizar la vivienda y luchar contra el desplazamiento? Únase a nosotros para conversar, contar historias, preguntas y respuestas y una discusión de nuestra guía no definitiva para comenzar un PREC. Discutiremos los principios y consideraciones clave que han dado forma a las estructuras legales, financieras y de gobierno de una PREC en base a nuestros 7 años de pensar y trabajar con la Cooperativa de Bienes Raíces Permanentes de East Bay. (Tenga en cuenta que este no es un taller legal detallado sobre tuercas y tornillos; ¡vea nuestro próximo taller para obtener más información al respecto! How to Choose Between a Coop or a Nonprofit for your Rad Real Estate Project)

Este evento ocurrirá en línea.

Este evento se grabará y publicará en el blog del Law Center en junio de 2023.


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Chris Tittle


Chris is a facilitator, organizer, and attorney focused on land and housing justice, participatory governance, and co-creating post capitalist / post white supremacist futures. He is Director of Land and Housing Justice at the Sustainable Economies Law Center, a democratically-run nonprofit supporting communities to create and control their own sustainable sources of land, labor, and capital. At the Law Center, he co-leads or contributes to the Law Center’s Housing, Worker Self-Directed Nonprofits, Farmland, and Money & Finance Programs.

He trained to become a lawyer without going to law school through the California Law Office Study Program, passing the California Bar in 2018.


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Hope Williams

Hope Williams is the Co-Director of the Radical Real Estate Law School and legal apprentice at the Sustainable Economies Law Center. As a black queer woman in the Bay Area she is devoted to housing rights and organizing people-power to fight the oppressive white supremacist regime. She spends most of her time making sure that the law is accessible to the people. She is a San Francisco City Commissioner, and serves as a board member for the San Francisco Community Land Trust, California Community Land Trust Network, and East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative. Her background includes managing political campaigns, organizing within the boycott division of UniteHere!, organizing endorsements for Berkeley's Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act, and coalescing with tenants rights organizations. In her spare time, she secretly trains people on how to get arrested through coordinated acts of civil disobedience.

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May 10, 2023 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm PDT
Hope Williams ·
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