eResource forums are designed to allow groups the ability to share topics of discussion. Presently eResources creates forums and groups based on each individual library’s need.
Members can easily search all public forum topics using the eResources Forums Directory. Forum topics don’t display on the Forum Directory until a group has been created and a forum post has been added to the group.

The eResources Forums Directory

Forums in eResources are attached to groups. Group forums are made up of:

  • Forum Topics – the proposed subject of a discussion
  • Discussion threads – the conversations (replies) that result from the topic
  • The Forum Directory lists all forum topics, by all Groups, created within the community, sorted by the most recently active.

Forum topics can easily be searched or filtered (by Last Active, Most Replies and Un-replied).

An important aspect to understand about the Forum Directory is that when you add a new Topic on the Forum Directory you must select which Group you want the topic posted in.

Writing a New Topic using the Forum Directory is as simple as:

  • Click on New Topic
  • Add your Title
  • Add your content
  • Insert your tags
  • Select which Group Forum you want to post in (only displays Groups that you belong to)
  • Click “Post Topic”

Alternatively you can search Forum Topics or click on Forum Topic tags to locate forum topics and reply to them.