Financial Transparency

The Sustainable Economies Law Center values transparency and we want you to know that we use our funds mindfully. Here are a few things you might like to know about our finances, explained with the help of trees and stick figures:

All 14 staff earn the same salary. We have chosen to do this for many reasons, but one very good reason is to recognize that all staff work very hard and contribute importantly to our mission. Another reason we do this is to cultivate a sense of "ownership" among all staff. Each staff member makes $60,137 when working full-time, which is based on MIT’s regional living wage calculator for a one adult - one dependent household. Our compensation policy caps staff wages at this amount and guarantees a 1:1 pay scale ratio for all staff. Learn more about our compensation policies here


We have grown and added programs every year since 2009, in response to enormous demand and vast potential of this work. Our budget has grown in proportion over the years, as told by the following redwood chart:



Our budget has grown a lot recently because we’ve become an incubator of new projects, leaders, and organizations. We’ve learned that it takes a lot of work, people, technical support, operational support, and funding to build the ecosystem for the next economy, and we’re channelling our assets to that end! Depending on our fundraising success in 2018, anywhere between $160,000 and $500,000 will flow through the Law Center and go to supporting such projects:



Most of our funding comes from grants, though a growing proportion comes from earned income and individual donors.

Grants: In some years, grants have accounted for up to 90% of our income. About half of that come from funders that tend to give to us each year, and the rest come from one-time grants for special projects. In 2017, we brought in roughly $900,000 in grants.

Earned income: We earn income from public speaking fees, workshop fees, book royalties, research and writing contracts, legal services, and other consultation. In 2017, this totaled $45,000.

Individual donations: Over the years, more than 800 people have made contributions. In 2017, individual donations totaled $85,000 and our goal is to grow this to surpass $100,000 in 2018. Oh, by the way, you can help us do that by becoming a Member with a recurring donation or making a one-time donation!



More stuff: Click here for our 2016 Form 990.

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