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  • Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 05:00 PM

    Legal Cafe at EBCLC (Adeline)



    The Sustainable Economies Law Center provides direct legal support to individuals and groups who are working to create new solutions for resilient local economies. The Resilient Communities Legal Cafe is a first-come, first-serve, donation-based legal advice clinic, providing a collaborative space for community building and connecting.

    This Legal Cafe is hosted by our partners, the Community Economic Justice Clinic at the East Bay Community Law Center. They're pretty awesome.  

    Everyone is welcome to attend this cafe. Please RSVP below. 

    For more information about the Legal Cafe, including the areas of law we specialize in, our upcoming teach-ins, and more, please visit www.theselc.org/cafe.

  • Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at 06:00 PM · 20 rsvps
    Berkeley City Hall in Berkeley, CA

    Berkeley Votes on Ordinance Supporting Worker Coops


    We need YOU to show the City of Berkeley that you care about worker cooperatives. Will you submit a letter of support and RSVP below to follow announcements about the introduction of this historic ordinance to support worker cooperatives in Berkeley? 

    The hearing date is still unannounced so please RSVP to this page to receive important announcements!
    We done it before. We can do it again! Pushing policies that promote worker cooperatives!Background:

    The Sustainable Economies Law Center, in partnership with other organizations and community members, has crafted an ordinance that will support the creation and success of worker cooperatives in Berkeley.

    The Law Center's Worker Coop Policy Brigade has been hard at work with Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, Berkeley City Council Members, and Berkeley City staff to push forward the Ordinance Supporting Worker Cooperatives. Berkeley City Council will vote on the ordinance this summer! The hearing date is still unannounced so please RSVP to this page to receive important announcements!

    How you can help:

    • SUBMIT A LETTER OF SUPPORT: Click here to download the template letter of support and instructions.

    • CALL YOUR COUNCIL MEMBER: Do you live or work in Berkeley? We need you to call your councilmember and tell them why you believe worker cooperatives are important and should be supported by the City of Berkeley. Find your district’s representative here.

    • RSVP: RSVP to this page to follow important announcements like the summer hearing date as soon as it is announced. We need you to join us at the city council to celebrate the impact of worker cooperatives and demonstrate widespread support for this ordinance!


  • Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 09:00 AM through March 30, 2019
    Exact venue TBD in Oakland, CA

    Tools for Collective Self-Governance: A Nonprofit Democracy Network Gathering

    March 27-29, 2019

    Oakland, California

    Priority Deadline to apply: December 5th, 2018

    Final Deadline: December 14th

    The Nonprofit Democracy Network is a community of practice and peer support network for organizations working to make their organizations - and the broader nonprofit sector - more liberatory and transformative. We want the nonprofit sector to be more effective at creating a just, joyful, and sustainable world. We want our organizations to be living examples of the equitable, caring, and effective communities that we know are possible. And we know that there is a rich field of experimentation and practice of democratic self-governance from which we can learn and which we can help grow by building and sharing with one another.

    We launched the network at our inaugural gathering in fall of 2017 (read more about it here). At our second gathering, March 27-29, 2019, we’ll dive into the nuts and bolts of co-creating forms of collective self-governance, taking on topics like compensation, inclusive decision-making, the impact of identity and culture on participation, coordination and accountability, and collective budgeting of time and money. 

    Participants in the inaugural Nonprofit Democracy Network

    Are you part of an organization experimenting with any of these areas? We would love for you to join us! This is an opportunity to learn about the state of the field, connect with fellow practitioners, learn from groups at the forefront of experimentation, and deepen your own organization’s practice.

    We’re looking for organizations that are:

    • Committed to undoing dynamics of racism, patriarchy, and other forms of structural oppression;
    • Playing with more democratic internal structures, regardless of how far advanced; and
    • Interested in being part of an ongoing network to deepen this work.

    More details:

    Format:This three day gathering will include education, conversation, and co-creation around common themes of collective leadership. The first day will focus on frameworks for organizational design and how those relate to systems change, identity, and liberation. On the second day, participants will break into smaller groups to dive deeper into specific issues and growing edges (e.g. staff/board structure, compensation policies). The third day will focus on identifying next steps and how to integrate learnings into your organizations.

    Cost: Sliding scale from $400 - $1500 based on organization's annual operating budget. We want participation in this cohort to be as accessible and community-driven as possible. We also want to justly compensate our facilitators, organizers, and other vendors. (Cost includes venue, facilitation, and meals over three days for 2 org representatives.) More information on cost included in the application form.

    Organized and facilitated by: Participants in the 2017 Nonprofit Democracy Network, including staff from Sustainable Economies Law Center, Community Development Project, 350 Seattle, Reflex Design Collective, and more.

    For more information and to apply: Fill out this Application by December 14th, and we will get back to you by the end of December.

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