Direct Action for Black Lives: Policy Cafe / Community Control Planning Hour Part 2

At Part 1 of our Community Control Planning Hour, the People's Community Medics offered to co-host a follow-up call to teach people about best practices in first aid when responding to police violence at protests. In the time of COVID, there are even MORE precautionary measures we can take and we want y'all to learn them. We will also cover de-escalation techniques and self-care tips with Jesse Wiltey from the Melanated Social Work Podcast.

After the training, we will have break-out rooms to plan / brainstorm direct actions to support and uplift the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The Community Democracy Project will host a breakout room to plan an action that illustrates what community control of the budget looks like. They're trying to make it family-safe, covid-safe, and radical. Other breakout rooms may form organically.

The uprising has the power to change local government policies and since we at the Law Center believe that EVERYONE can make policy, we want to include these direct action skills in your toolbox.

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Community Democracy ProjectPeople's Community Medics

June 12, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1pm PDT
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