California Homemade Food Act SIGNED by Governor Brown!

California Homemade Food Act SIGNED by Governor Brown!

Thanks to everyone who wrote to and called Assemblymembers, Senators and the Governor! Your efforts were instrumental in getting the bill passed through the various steps in the legislature. We at SELC can’t wait to buy homemade food and support small-scale food enterprises with legal resources to start cottage food operations.

Now that Governor Brown has signed AB 1616, it will go into effect in January, but in the meantime, we at SELC will be hard at work creating legal resources for small-scale food enterprises. See our Food page for more info about what we’re up to. And if you like what you read, consider making a donation to sustain our efforts!

As part of a growing movement to localize food systems and stimulate small-scale food production, SELC proposed that the State of California allow for the sale of certain homemade food products, namely: baked goods (but with no cream or meat fillings), jams and jellies, granola and other dry cereal, popcorn, waffle cones, nut mixes, chocolate covered non-perishables (such as nuts and dried fruit), roasted coffee, dried herbs, dried tea, dried fruit, honey and candy. You can read more about the bill that was just signed into law here.

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