AB 1024, An Act to Facilitate Cooperative Ownership of Housing in California

The Sustainable Economies Law Center, the California Center for Cooperative Development, the Bay Area Community Land Trust and other organizations in the cooperative movement have proposed a bill to remove legal barriers to developing co-op housing in California!

AB 1024 was introduced by California State Assemblymember Norma Torres in February, 2013. The bill passed with overwhelming support through various legislative committees in the spring and summer, however, due to unforeseen events, AB 1024 has been gutted and turned into a completely separate bill. We at SELC and our partner organizations in this campaign are shocked and upset but we’re not giving up! We at SELC, our partner organizations and political advisers will be putting our heads together this fall to ensure a smooth passage of our co-op housing bill in the California State Legislature next year. Click here to sign up to receive occasional action alerts and updates!

Click here for an 8 minute video about the former AB 1024 that may re-appear as a similar bill under a different number.

Does your cooperative or organization want to write a letter of support for the bill? Do you have clarifying questions or concerns? Email [email protected] for tips and answers and so we can keep track of the bill’s supporters.

Who already supports it?