Law Center Incubator

9358598677_11eabf0828_k.jpgThe Sustainable Economies Law Center has been informally providing support to six nonprofit law centers that are emerging to do similar work to ours.

Now, we are formalizing this program and taking additional steps to ensure the success of hopefully dozens of new law centers in the coming years. 

We believe that every community desperately needs specialized law centers that provide assistance to worker-owned cooperatives, energy cooperatives, housing cooperatives, food cooperatives, land trusts, and other democratic organizations designed to meet the vital needs of communities in the long term.

To support the emergence of such law centers, the Incubator:

  • Provides training and mentorship to new law centers on a variety of nonprofit and cooperative development matters, including fundraising, communication, cooperative governance, working with interns, tax exemption application, and much more.
  • Provides access to legal resources, training materials, sample documents, and other information to enable new law centers to replicate the work of SELC.
  • Helps law centers to raise funds, research grant opportunities, and prepare grant applications.
  • Brings visibility to cooperative law centers by including them on SELC's website and other communications.
  • Assists in making connections and introductions to supportive people and organizations.
  • Provides access to technology and software.
  • Creates a space on our online network,, where law centers can share ideas and provide mutual support.

Additional details about our Incubator will be shared here later in fall of 2016, including information on how to apply to join the Incubator. 

To date, we have provided sponsorship and administrative support to:

On an informal basis, we have provided support or mentorship to:

 And we are currently advising two additional early-stage law centers.

Thanks to our Partners and Collaborators: