Financial Transparency

The Sustainable Economies Law Center values transparency and we want you to know that we use our funds mindfully, even while the organization has grown over the past eight years. Here is our 990 for 2016

Below are charts to help you understand our's growth, fundraising goals, and how we spend our money:

Our growth over the years

Projected Sources of Income

As of January 2018, our Center's projected 2018 budget is $1,604,153, which includes raising $90,000 from individual contributions. Here's our progress on raising those funds so far:


All staff at the Center earn the same salary. We have chosen to do this for many reasons, but one very good reason is to recognize that all staff work very hard and contribute importantly to our mission. Another reason we do this is to cultivate a sense of "ownership" among all staff. Each staff member makes $60,137 when working full-time, which is based on a regional living wage calculator for a one adult - one dependent household. Our compensation policy caps staff wages at this amount and guarantees a 1:1 pay scale ratio for all staff. Learn more about our compensation policies here

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