California Homemade Food Act

In 2012 the Sustainable Economies Law Center worked closely with the Los Angeles Bread Bakers, the California State Grange and the Office of Assemblymember Mike Gatto to pass the California Homemade Food Act, which now allows certain kinds of small food enterprises to operate out of home kitchens, called "Cottage Food Operations" in the new law. Dozens of other organizations and businesses and countless individuals also supported the bill by writing letters, making phone calls and showing up at their legislators' offices and committee meetings to express their support. The bill would not have passed without the efforts of all these groups and individuals!

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Summary of the Homemade Food Act and full bill language


En Español: Lo que la Ley de Comida Casera de California, AB 1616, logrará- un resumen


Frequently Asked Questions


En Español: Preguntas Frecuentes Acerca de la Ley de Comida Casera de California


More general resources for small food enterprises


Cottage food laws in other States


About the campaign for the California Homemade Food Act

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