Community Renewable Energy

As society tackles climate change and builds alternatives to the fossil fuel industry, we have an opportunity to do so in a way that shares the economic benefits equitably and avoids re-creating a two-tiered society where wealthier people own all the energy infrastructure and everyone else is dependent on buying energy from them.

Community-ownership of renewable energy enterprises is critical to a rapid and equitable transition away from fossil fuels.

Our Community Renewable Energy Program is focused on breaking down legal barriers to community-owned renewable energy. We're using the following strategies:


Policy Advocacy: Building Coalitions to Change Laws
Working with partners to advance local, state, and federal policies that promote community energy.

Education: Mapping the Regulatory Terrain
Researching, writing, teaching, and providing direct legal services to navigate the regulatory landscape for community energy.

Legal Advice: Developing Legal Structures
Documenting, designing, and implementing legal, governance, and financial structures for community energy projects.


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