Legal Cafe Bites

This is a series of bite-sized legal guides created by staff and volunteers of the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC), called Legal Cafe Bites.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: These Legal Cafe Bites have been prepared as handouts for the Resilient Communities Legal Cafe. The contents of the Legal Cafe Bites should NOT be relied on as legal advice. Also, some of this information could become outdated and laws do vary from place to place. Furthermore, although we've tried to collect accurate information and give the laws our best interpretation, some information in these Legal Cafe Bites could even turn out to be incorrect or subject to other interpretations by courts and regulators. We sure hope that's not the case, but, what can we say? Law is complicated stuff! That's why we STRONGLY recommend that you consult with an attorney before using this information.

To download the Legal Cafe Bites, just click on the icons or headings below.

Legal Cafe bite!Bite-Sized Guide to Securities Law Exemptions

In this Legal Cafe Bite, we explore the common exemptions to federal and state securities law that can be used when raising capital for your enterprise.

Legal Cafe Bites!Bite-Sized Guide to Becoming an Organic Producer

In this Legal Cafe Bite, we explore what does "organic" legally mean, who can (and must) be certified organic, how you can become a certified organic producer in California, and how to label organic products.

Cafe Bites!How to Become a Personal Chef in California

In this Legal Cafe Bite, we explore the certifications and permits you'll need to become a personal chef in California.


Bites!How to Sell Foraged and Urban Grown Produce in Oakland  updates coming soon!

In this Legal Cafe Bite, we explore how to sell forged and urban grown produce, where you can grow produce, the permits needed, packaging requirements, and more for Oakland, California.

Cafe Bites!How to Make Decisions in a Cooperative

In this Legal Cafe Bite, we explore the different ways cooperatives have navigated how to make decisions in a democratic workplace.

Bites!How to Operate a Pushcart in Oakland

In this Legal Cafe Bite, we explore how to operate a pushcart under Oakland's pilot mobile vending program. 

BitesHow to Run a Co-op Child Care Arrangement in California

In this Legal Cafe Bite, we explore how to run a co-op child care arrangement in California.

Bites!How to Become a Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit

In this Legal Cafe Bite, we explore how worker self-direction can help nonprofits and the legal considerations for becoming a worker self-directed nonprofit. This Legal Cafe Bite also includes a sample board resolution for worker self-direction. 







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